Friday, November 19, 2010

Flower Garden 2

So I said I planned to give the flower garden another shot... 
Here's how it turned out :)

I also went nuts and in a moment of insanity turned the lunch container longways...GASP!
(Yay for trying different things!)

Sadly though, I'm afraid this lunch will probably still be being picked at up till supper,
since I completely forgot that today is a pizza day at school :(

Oh well, it still makes for a great recess and after school snack!

Here's What's In This Lunch:
Apple flowers with food marker centers and a paper leaf pick
Cucumber foliage (Lily thought they looked like leaves)
Snow peas
Ham and cheese slice sandwich on whole wheat bread
Pretzel flower pots
Cheesy pretzel stick flower stems
Snow pea leaves
Strawberry fruit leather flowers
Sugar icing flower

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