Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Day At The Park

In This Lunch:
Apple slices (which Lily thought looked like clouds)
Carrot sticks (and that these looked like logs)
Marshmallow clouds
Blue/green fruit roll-up combo
Orange fruit-leather tree
Strawberry fruit leather squirrel
Cheesy pretzel stick swing-set
Spearmint shoe lace candy swing ropes
Strawberry fruit leather swing
Fall leaves sprinkles
And under the park...
A strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat wrapped in plastic wrap

She ate everything but one piece of apple (and the sprinkles)!
Mind you...
 some of the sprinkles made an escape into the lunch bag, 
which wouldn't have been so bad...
 except that Lily left her lunch bag on the playground at recess 
(I didn't even know they took them outside ever), 
and it poured with rain.
The lunch food was safe and dry in the easy lunch, but the escaped sprinkles...
Oh the goo!
Lets just say her lunch bag is taking a dip in the washing machine today :(

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