Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bunny and Me Lunch

This lunch made by request :)
Lils, lying in bed this morning, hugging her bunny,
 sleepily asked for a lunch
dedicated to her best bud 'bunny' :)

In This Lunch:
Carrot stars
Cheese whiz sandwich on white bread
Mozzarella Lily
Cheese slice bunny
Cheddar cheese string stick

These two have been inseparable 
since she was old enough to have a favorite toy!

Though these days he spends most of his time at home,
he does love his long road trips ;)

Good Bye March!!

So long, buh bye, 
don't let the door hit you on the way out...

Is it obvious that I'm not a fan of March?
Yeaaaah, it's not my favorite :/

Here where we live, 
it's a mix of melting dog poo, mud,
browny yellow lawns,
Pot Holes,
and freak snow storms 
that kill the plants that try to pop up too early.
It's a month where you dare not 
wear your favorite shoes, 
(unless they're rainboots),
and dressing in layers is a must.

Ugh, March :(

One more day to go, and it's April showers, here we come, haha!

In This Lunch:
Cheese whiz sandwich on white bread
Cheese slice letters and clover
Mozzarella March Hare
Fruit leather top hat
Chocolate chip granola bar
Carrot sticks
Strawberries and red grapes

EGPS Bento

In This Lunch:
Caught Being Good Card
Blueberry bagel bits with butter
Cucumber hearts
Carrot hearts
Strawberry hearts

Lily's school is closing :(

We have another year and a half before the big change,
but it's happening.
Monday night I attended an info session for parents,
and we were asked that if we could say something
to defend our school from being closed,
what would it be.

All I could think of
was how relieved we were to be starting here in September,
because she had been bullied so much
at her preschool, 
with little support from the staff.

I did my homework on this elementary school,
and based on two things,
decided she HAD to get in here,
even though we don't live in the area.

Thing one:
It's the only french immersion school in our area.
Thing two:
Their approach to behavior reinforcement.

Negative behaviors are dealt with immediately,
quietly, and strictly.
Positive behaviors are rewarded immediately,
and celebrated publicly.

Not to say bullying doesn't happen,
and it has, but the difference here is,
it doesn't last long.

Each time a child does something positive worth noting,
e.g. Help pass out class notes,
Help a classmate with their work,
Stand up for themselves or someone else...
they are given a 'Caught Being Good Card.'

One copy is sent home for the parents to see,
another is put in a bucket for the class,
and at the end of the month can be drawn for a prize.
Classes with the most get rewards,
Students with the most also get rewards,
and it's just such a wonderful example 
of positive reinforcement.

Here is one of Lily's from November,
along with one I made for today's lunch.

If I could say one thing to the school board members,
it would be that this school saved my daughter.

Saved her from 7 years of torment 
with no positive end in sight.

And for that, they deserve a
Caught Being Good Card.

We'll miss you EGPS 

Butterfly Lunch

In This Lunch:
Cheese whiz sandwich on brown bread
Mozzarella slice butterfly
Gummy butterfly
Cucumber butterflies
Apple butterflies

Snowy Tulip Lunch

Spring is sooo close,
and our garden is starting to come in,
and of course...
we'd get snow :(

Poor little tulips sure have some frosty tips this morning!

In This Lunch:
Green grape tulips
Apple slice snowflakes
Strawberry jam sandwich on brown bread
Mozzarella cheese slice snow
Gummy candy tulip (blue from the cold!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bunny Bento

The same day I found our nifty Easter tin, 
I also found this adorable box!

Gotta love the dollar store :)

In This Lunch:
Cheddar cheese bunny shapes
Parmesan and garlic triscuits
Chocolate chip granola bar
Green grapes
Carrot sticks
Sugar snap peas
Cheese whiz sandwich on homestyle white bread

Too Cute!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bunny Lunch

We have new picks!

I found them at Walmart as part of a peg game,
but they work great!

In This Lunch:
Cracker clouds
Sugar snap pea grass
Gummy flower with spinach leaves
White cheddar slice bunny
Strawberry jam sandwich on homestyle white bread
Carrot sticks

Dancer Lunch

Feeling rather stressed out and uninspired this day,
led to this haphazard uninspired lunch :(

In This Lunch:
Apple sauce
Green grapes
Sugar snap peas
Raspberry granola bar
Strawberry jam sandwich on homestyle white bread

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Lunch

In This Lunch:
Green grapes
Strawberry jam sandwich on homestyle white bread
Sugar snap peas
Cheese string sun (plus leftover tucked beside fruit)
Gummy tulip on toothpick with spinach leaves

Easter Tin Lunch

Found another nifty tin!
This time at the dollar store :)

In This Lunch:
Cheese bagel with butter
Apple flowers
Green grapes
Cheddar cheese flowers
Parmesan and garlic triscuits
Sugar snap peas

The lid :)

St Paddy's Day Lunch

In This Lunch:
Whole wheat mini pitas (shamrock coins) 
stuffed with cheddar cheese spread
Assorted green fruit snacks
Sugar snap peas
Cucumber slices
Green grapes

Butterfly Lunch

In This Lunch:
Green grapes
Cucumber slices
Vanilla yoghurt
Cheese whiz sandwich on whole wheat
Gummy butterfly
Raspberry cereal bar
Multigrain cheerio skewers with cheddar cheese stoppers
(Cheerios for stirring in with the yoghurt)

Easter Egg Surprise/The Knee Appointment

The surprise being that egg shapes are seemingly

In This Lunch:
Cucumber eggs
Red grapes
Chocolate chip granola bar
Cheese whiz sandwich on whole wheat
Cheddar cheese eggs/leaves
Gummy flower on green toothpick

Today's lunch was eaten at the local children's hospital :(

Half asleep, I packed Lily's lunch, drove her to school,
then came home.  
It was then that I realized that she had 
a long-awaited doctors appointment 
with the specialist for her knee...
about 1 hour from that moment, 
and it's a 30 minute drive to get there.

Long story short, we made it just in time, phew!

Doctor ran every non-invasive test she could,
then ordered some more to be done at the hospital.
X-Rays, blood and urine.
Poor munchkin had a hard day :(

We never did make it back to school,
since the tests took up the whole day, 
so after blood work, 
she was finally allowed to eat her lunch.

You see, the going theory is
Juvenile Arthritis :(

And it started back with this unexplained "injury"
of a swollen knee that was hot to the touch:

Until that day, it was just another medical term.
Now, it has her dad and I worried sick.

Being that it's classified as an auto-immune disease
I'm now second guessing every thing I've done as a parent
and scrambling to find answers.

We still have more tests to go 
before we get a diagnosis.

I'll keep you posted!

Muffin Tin Monday

So, there's this whole community of moms online 
who participate in this thing called 
"Muffin Tin Monday"
And each week, they have themes, 
and the lunches are just downright fantastic!

Since my munchkin is at school most Mondays,
we generally never get to participate :(

However, today was an inservice day!
I had no clue what the theme was, 
and the only baking related display device I had 
was more of a mini loaf tin...
but I was so excited, I just didn't care!!

So here, is our first...
"Muffin Tin Monday!"
Ta da!!!

In This Lunch:
Peanut butter and jam sandwich on homestyle white bread
Chocolate lady bug for dessert
Cucumber slices
Carrot sticks
Ranch dressing
Apple ducklings
Green grapes

Spring Lunch

In This Lunch:
Cheddar bunnies
Sociables crackers
Raspberry cereal bar
Green grapes
Carrot sticks
"Spring chicken" (and cheese) wrap
on a whole wheat pita

Eastery Lunch

In This Lunch:
Oatmeal squares cereal
Strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat
Raspberry cereal bar
Cheese slice egg
Havarti egg decorations
Snow peas
Green grapes
Carrot sticks

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Butterfly Lunch

Spring is so close!!!

In This Lunch:
Macintosh apple butterflies
Sliced turkey and cheese slice sandwich on whole wheat
Cheese slice butterflies
Sliced turkey butterflies

Chickie Lunch

With all this rain, even the chicks need help to stay dry!

In This Lunch:
Red seedless grapes
Strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat
Cheese slice foul
Strawberry fruit leather umbrella w/ toothpick handle
Spinach and snow pea foliage

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bunny Lunch

Day 6 of the flu, and my fever finally broke!
I'm still not myself, but getting there at least :)

I picked up some adorable Easter accessories 
at the Bulk Barn the other week, 
and it's such a warm day out (+14c and rainy)
that I couldn't help but do some sort of springy theme :)

In This Lunch:
3 Bite brownie (baked by my sister Dee Dee)
Carrot sticks
Strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat
Cheese slice bunny
Strawberry fruit leather tulip
Snow peas

When creative momma's get sick...

Having the flu is no fun :(

Thinking clearly when you can't regulate your body temp
and can hardly stand up...
is just not an option.

And being creative... well
it didn't happen :(

In this Lunch:
Cheese whiz sandwich on whole wheat
Cheddar cheese stick
Fruit snacks
Juice box

Lily somehow didn't notice that she had a sandwich this day
and it fell out of her bag at school along with her water bottle
(not shown).
The water bottle came home from school today (Monday)
But no sign of the sandwich.
Poor kid ate some of the strawberries for recess
then finished them along with her fruit snacks for lunch.
Some lunch!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick AGAIN!!!

This time, it's me, thankfully, and not Lily :)
I've got a cold/flu
and my biggest wish all day 
was just to be able to regulate my body temperature :(

This morning, I just couldn't get my bum in gear to get her out the door,
and drive her to school, then walk her across the melting tundra to the door,
so she stayed home with me.
She has a cold now anyhow, and doesn't need to give that to everyone!

I made her lunch,
but it's pretty sad looking, so I'm not even going to post it :(

I have to work regardless tomorrow
(ah, the lovely obligations of a family business)
So we'll be back at it tomorrow.

See you then!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tulip Lunch

"You must be the change you want to see in the world"
-Mahatma Gandhi

One of my favorite quotes to live by :)

Right about now, I see snow, and freezing cold temperatures :(
I'd like to change that to beautiful greenery and flowers :)
While I don't think this is quite what he had in mind,
it's the quote that came to my mind
while I was making a little bit of Spring 

In This Lunch:
Green grape tulips
Strawberry tulips
Strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat
Snow peas
Butterfly and tulip gummy candies

Dino Lunch

Because our visit with Sue was so much fun,
I wanted to extend the fun with a Sue-themed lunch!

Lily LOVED it!!
She was super excited when she came in the kitchen
and saw the finished lunch :)

In This Lunch:
Rice cereal treat Sue head with candy eyes
Cucumber triceratops's
Prehistoric fishy crackers
Cheese whiz Apatosaurus sandwich on whole wheat
Chocolate chip granola bar ground
Romaine lettuce prehistoric foliage

I Love U Lunch

Getting back into the swing of things after a long break :)

In This Lunch:
Cucumber slices
Fruit snacks
Teddy Grahams
Fruit leather
Chocolate chip granola bar
Pita's filled with cheese whiz and grated marble cheddar,
(heated for 15 seconds so the cheese melts together)
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