Monday, January 31, 2011

Lily's Pneumonia :(

So, Lily's been very sick :(

I apologize for not keeping up with the blog as I had said that I would.
I never anticipated that she would ever miss as much school as she has :(

She has been to the walk-in clinic once
The ER twice
Seen 3 doctors for follow-ups
Was on an antibiotic for 10 days,
and a strict regimen of alternating advil and tylenol 
every 3 hrs for a number of days.

Poor munchkin had some crazy high fevers,
even accompanied by twitching,
shallow breathing, loss of appetite,
and she averaged 18 coughs a minute for about 2 1/2 days.

Poor little munchkin is on the mend, but is still not quite herself.
Her cough and a low-grade fever have returned as of late,
and it's something we're watching.

She has follow-up chest x-rays on Wednesday,
and I'll keep you all posted on her recovery.

Thanks for reading Lily's Lunch

And please, stay healthy!

Hearts Lunch

Today's lunch!

In this lunch:
Green grapes
Strawberry jam sandwich on multigrain bread
Havarti cheese hearts
Cinnamon heart candy

In order to protect the cheese from the candy getting 
sticky cinnamon stuff on it,
I put it in a little treat cup off to the side

But then realized that using regular cupcake cups 
and regular size sliced bread
leaves a huge gap between the food and the roof, 
which is terrible for shifting food!

I ended up putting a napkin on top for filler.
Hopefully that holds it!

Valentine Hearts Lunch

Since Thursday was a snow day, this is Friday's lunch

In this lunch:
Strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat
Havarti hearts with food coloring
Carrot sticks
Cucumber heart sticks

'Be Mine' Lunch

Lunch from Wednesday, Jan 26th

In this lunch:
Cucumber hearts
Cheese whiz sandwich on whole wheat
Havarti letters
Strawberry fruit leather heart

Puppy Dog Lunch

Lunch from Jan 25th, 
Lily's next day back at school after missing over a week :(

In this lunch:
Jam sandwich on whole wheat
Cheese slice puppy dog
Green grapes (representing balls)
Carrot sticks (because puppies love sticks!)
Snow peas... 
(which are supposed to look like grass, for playing outside on)

Big Snowy Lunch

This lunch was from Friday the 14th, 
(A very snowy day), and also
Lily's last day of school before the dreaded pneumonia began...

In this lunch:
Cheddar cheese and sliced turkey breast on whole wheat mini burger buns (4)
(held together with heart picks)
Green grapes
Carrot sticks
Ranch dressing (in the box)
Snow peas

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowy Day Lunch

So yesterday we had a bit of a blizzard again!
Second one this week!

Not enough to cancel school though :(
(It's too bad! I was looking forward to a snow day!)

In This Lunch:
Star shaped poppy seed and cheesy crackers
(I was hoping they could pass for snow flakes, haha)
Snow flake apple slices
Cheese whiz and smoked turkey breast sandwich on whole wheat
Cheese slice snow flake

Kitty Tracks!
View from back deck

Snowy River :)

Pita Snack Lunch

So, we have bread, but Lily loved the pitas so much
she asked for them again today!

This time though, she decided she'd prefer them plain.
I doubted her a little, 
so I made sure to put some cheese in the lunch 
for her to add in if needed, 
but she went for plain, go figure :/

In This Lunch:
Green grapes
Cucumber slices
Mini pitas
Vegetable thins
Herbed havarti hearts

Follow Up:
She ate all but the cucumbers and half the grapes.
Not too bad I guess

Mini Pita Bento

So we ran out of bread...
and I thought:
"What a great opportunity to get Lils to try something new!"

On my list of food goals, 
I did say I wanted to get her to eat new main lunch courses,
and she did say she likes cheese and bread...

In This Lunch:
Cheesy Pitas! 
(mini pita's stuffed with cheese whiz and cheddar cheese)
Green grapes
Snow peas

Mini pita's are a hit!
She ate every bit of this lunch!!

Snowy Day Bento

It Snowed!!

We had a mini blizzard on Sunday, so Monday morning, 
everything was covered in the stuff!

I thought I'd try out my bento skills in our nifty snowflake tin
to celebrate the pretty surroundings.

As you'll notice though, 
it's still kinda dark when we leave the house,
so the snow's not terrifically visible, 
but it's there!

In This Lunch:
Cheese whiz sandwich on whole wheat bread
Carrot sticks
Cucumber slices
Green grapes

Snowy Day! (Shown with napkin in lid)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Star Lunch

In This Lunch:
Strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat
Cheddar cheese star
Green grapes
Cucumber slices on a bed of
Sweet peas

Hearts Lunch

In This Lunch:
Cucumber slices
Cheese whiz sandwich on whole wheat
Cheddar cheese hearts

Lily announced to her sitter the other day
That she LOVES cheese and bread.
(cheese with bread, cheese on bread, 
really any combination there-of)

We'll be trying out some different combinations of this in the near future :)

Butterfly Lunch

In an attempt to make a proper bento,
I'm trying my hand at squishing the food in without damaging it...
Still needs some work to make it pretty though :/
Oh well, it's coming along!

In this Lunch:
Cheddar cheese slice and smoked turkey on homestyle white bread
Cheddar cheese butterflies
Cucumber slices
Carrot sticks

Pancake Lunch

First day back to school was waffle day
 (for those who remembered to get their order in on time)
And I thought as a special treat,
I'd send one of Lily's favorite foods...

I did have a moment of panic after I sent her to school all dressed up,
that she'd probably come home covered in syrup,
but my fears were unfounded that day, thank goodness!

As it turns out, no one else ordered waffles either,
so Lils was the only one eating breakfast food for lunch,
but she didn't mind...
Pancakes ARE her favorite after all :)
She ate them all up!

In This Lunch:
Pancakes (made from boxed mix)
Green grapes
Aunt Jemima maple syrup

You'll notice that the recess is not marked...

Lily and I had a big sit-down discussion 
about her lunch the night before.

She'd like to have her recess in with her lunch like all the other kids.
It can be in a separate container,
but it doesn't have to be.

She also expressed that she doesn't like having
super decorative lunches.
She's really self conscious of what other people think these days,
and the negative feedback on my creative efforts 
from some of the adults in our lives, 
has made her a little embarrassed.

We talked a lot about how 
you can't live your life trying to impress others, 
and how if you love doing something, 
(any hobby, like ballet, drawing, singing, or making fun lunches)
you shouldn't have to be embarrassed about it.
That everyone has different interests, 
and that's part of what makes the world so interesting!

So after giving her a boost in self esteem, 
I spoke to the negative nellies!

Other bento/creative lunch mommas:
Do you also experience flack for your healthy/fun lunch quest/hobby?

I don't understand the negativity, I really don't!
I don't believe I'm breeding a spoiled brat.
I believe I'm teaching a child to be creative,
and encouraging healthy eating habits.

What do you think?

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year... New Lunch Goals

Aaaand we're back!  
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, filled with love and joy :)
I know we certainly did!

With a new year ahead of us, 
I can't help but think of all the crazy-awesome things I want to accomplish this year!

We've got some exciting changes ahead of us,
like the purchase of our first home!!

I've made some Lunch Goals for this year, too:
1. Learn how to pack a proper bento
2. Learn to make rice balls
3. Learn to make colored egg sheets
4. Start packing bentos for my own lunch
5. Learn to make flower blooms out of veggies
6. Start an herb garden
7. Expand Lily's main lunch courses by 5 more dishes
8. Learn to make figures/shapes with cooked hotdogs
9. Start a recipes section on the blog
10. Organize my lunching supplies better
11. Find and buy the perfect bento box
12. Expand my muffin cup collection
13. Expand my cupcake pick collection
14. Get Lily to eat white cheese
15. Have fun!!

We look forward to sharing our year and Lily's lunches with you!

Best wishes to you for 2011!!!

Holly Berry Lunch

In This Lunch:
Strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat
Cheese slice leaves
Fruit leather berries
Hard candy trees and snowmen

In This Recess:
Cookie decorated by Lily at a recently attended playdate
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