Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunny Lunch

In This Lunch:
Carrot sticks
Grapes with bunny picks
Sliced turkey sandwich on whole wheat
Snow peas
Cheese string (Cut in half)

Circus Lunch

In This Lunch:
Carrot sticks
Green grapes
Cheese whiz sandwich on multigrain bread
Orange cheddar cheese slice lion
White cheddar cheese slice cage
Teddy grahams

The Package

Today, we got a package!!!

For the first time, I ventured,
and bought bento supplies online :)

We got some little cups,

and some fancy new picks!

I can't wait to try them out!!!

Yippeeeee!!! :)

Easter Tin Bento

Sick Momma :(

Momma has the flu :(

Luckily, one of the wonderful thoughtful mommies
invited Lily over to play with her son after school yesterday,
so that I could go home to sleep it off.

They decorated cookies (like the one shown) :)

Since I was still sick this day,
the lunch was pretty uninspired :/

In This Lunch:
Shortbread cookie
Strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat
Carrot sticks
Cheese string

Baby Chick Lunch

Misc. Bento

Misc. Lunch

Spring Lunch

Gator Lunch

Bunny Bento

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BFF's Lunch

Today, we're having another friend from school over today,
The Marvelous miss M.
Lily is beyond excited!

(We look forward to the day when we live
closer to kids her own age, but until then, 
organized playdates will have to do)

So in honor of playdates, and the friends we have them with,
we have a BFF's Lunch :)

In This Lunch:
Cheesy heart crackers
Apple hearts
Cheese whiz sandwich on brown bread
Mozzarella heart
Cheddar Kraft singles letters and ladies
Mozzarella Kraft singles Hair

Cake Pop Lunch

In This Lunch:
Cake pop with spinach garnish
Blueberry mini bagels with butter
Carrot sticks

Cake Pops!

Taking a quick shot before they ALL disappear!  Soo Yummy!

Last week, I was wandering through a book store with 
Lily's dad, waiting for Lils to finish ballet class,
when it appeared I'd lost my mind!

I began squealing and jumping, and pointing,
for you see,
I had come across a slew of copies of Bakerella's Cake Pop Books!
And needless to say, 
after flipping through the book with the papa,
and gushing about how wonderful it is,
I hugged that book all the way to the cash register :)

What's left of our decorations :)

It was about a week before I had a day off to try them,
but this was finally the day!!

We even invited a friend from school,
(the Amazing miss A.) to come help decorate :)

With Lily's birthday coming up soon,
I'm so excited to try these out as a feature to the cake!

I just have a few quirks to work out first,
(Like how do you shape them without pressing them too hard??)
But hopefully they'll be a party success!

One of Lily's Cake Pop People


Faux Cake-Pop Lunch

Today, we're going to make cake pops for the first time,
and I'm so excited!!!
Building anticipation for this afternoon's activities,
I thought I'd put a little marshmallow pop
in there to really up the excitement :)


In this Lunch:
Carrot sticks
Cheese whiz sandwich on brown bread
Cheese string
Marshmallow pop
(decorated with food markers)

Friday, April 1, 2011

PD Day

No School Today!

Teachers are all at a 

Professional Development Day today,

So the kids get a long weekend!

See you Monday!
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