Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Day With Sue

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We've had a great break and Lily's had so much fun!

She's gotten to go skating at the oval, to go see a T-Rex, 
to take a workshop-style hip hop class,
and many other fun things!

But above all else, she's stayed healthy,
which is such a blessing :)

She spent the break mostly over at her dad's house,
and just got home today.
She had a blast,
but I missed her like crazy,
and I'm soooo happy to have her home again!

On Wednesday, 
Lily's dad, his girlfriend Erin and I
took Lily and Tatiana, (Erin's cousin's daughter)
to the Museum of Natural History
to see Sue the T-Rex!

The girls had a ton of fun,
and with ladies as silly as these two around,
it's hard not to have a good time :)

Their departing impromptu holler to Sue:
Haha, they crack me up :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Work Lunch For Two

I'm the VP of a small company,
which also happens to be a family business :)
I remember as a child spending time there with my father, 
(who has since passed),
as he showed me off, calling me his little helper,
and I'm proud to share that same experience with my own daughter.
From time to time, I'll bring Lily with me to work 
when it just seems like the easiest option for child care, 
and this day was one of those days!

In This Lunch (For Lily):
Peanut butter sandwich with homemade white bread
Heart shaped chocolate chip cookie
2 cheese stick skewers
Carrot sticks
Strawberry/kiwi fruit juice box

In This Lunch (For Me):
Strawberry jam sandwich with homemade white bread
Heart shaped chocolate chip cookie
2 cheese stick skewers
One (halved) kiwi
1 can of Lipton green tea with citrus (not shown)

In This Lunch (To Share):
Aussie cut macintosh apple (with our own creative look)

Lily's feeling better btw, 
and is beginning to put some weight back on...

Valentine Treat

For valentines day, I made Lily a special valentine 
with a special yummy treat :)

Pics of valentines to follow!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wee Sick Munchkin/Spring Break

There are only two posts from last week 
as Lily was out sick from Wednesday on :(

Luckily it hasn't been even half as serious 
as the pneumonia she had last time.

This time, it's just a nasty flu bug!

She had a fever for a full 7 days with this one, 
and has hardly eaten all week.
The two lunches posted from last week came home 
largely untouched :(

Combine this with Lily's pneumonia, 
(which she's still coughing from), 
and it has made for a VERY skinny Lily!

Poor kid can hardly keep her pants on her butt 
on a normal day!

Luckily, she woke up today without a fever, 
and is gaining her appetite back.

September, (Pre Flu Season)

Post Dec Flu and Jan Pneumonia, Pre Feb Flu

Post Pneumonia and Flu 1-2 Punch :(

In other news...

We are on spring break!

Here where we live, the Canada Games are being held,
and they last for two weeks!
So instead of taking a week in March,
we get two weeks in February :)

We'll be posting over the holidays,
so keep checking back!

Ducky Lunch

Experimenting with bread and cheese again...

In This Lunch:
Whole wheat pita's stuffed with pizza sauce, 
and a mix of three shredded cheeses: Orange cheddar, havarti, parmesan
Havarti ducky
Carrot sticks
Cheesy heart crackers

I placed picks in the corners of the pitas
to keep the food from flopping around in the container.

'Mr Valentine' Lunch

Lily drew me an early special valentine picture, 
who I've dubbed 'Mr Valentine'
due to his suave and dashing good looks ;)

I've made this lunch in his honor :)

In this lunch:
Cheesy heart crackers
Strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat
Havarti cheese heart
Cheese slice cheese heart
Food-safe marker face
Cheesy pretzel stick limbs

Friday, February 4, 2011

'Squirrel Love' Lunch

I love valentines day, 
(I'm a bit of a schmuck for love, hehe),
and doesn't love make us all a little squirrelly?

In This Lunch:
Cheesy heart crackers
Macintosh apple hearts
Havarti cheese hearts
Cheese slice squirrelly's and dots
Cheese whiz heart sandwich on whole wheat

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day!


Wednesday and Thursday of this week were snow days here in the HRM, and Lily LOVED the snow!!!

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Canada Games Lunch

With the Canada Games being held here in a couple of weeks
the anticipation is building!!

Everywhere you look there's a new sporting event area popping up
and with the grand opening of the new 
and the incredibly popular 
How could we not get excited!

In this lunch:
Cheese whiz and turkey breast sandwich on whole wheat
Vanilla yoghurt (white like snow)
Green grapes (curling rocks)
Snow peas (ski's)
Cheesy pretzel sticks (ski poles)
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