Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Separate Units Lunch

I have a problem.  Lily's lunches have been coming home uneaten :(
Despite my best efforts to make them fun and exciting, Lily seems to find them exciting at home, then yucky at school!
So, this lunch is an experiment.
I have given her a similar amount of food as are in the creative lunches, however,
Only dry things can touch dry,
Only wet things can touch wet,
And the Sandwich stands alone.

Carrot sticks, grapes and cucumber... all leftovers!

Strawberry jam sandwich on homestyle whole wheat

Animal crackers, Apple cereal bar, Vegetable crackers
All packed up and ready to go

Tomorrow... Each container gets one thing.  Watch the drama unfold! (haha)


  1. I am seriously interested to see if this experiment works...I was totally the kind of kid that hated it when wet things touched dry things...or even when things that were from different food groups came's hoping this solves your eating lunch problem :)

  2. Thanks Sorcha!
    I'm seriously hoping this experiment works too! There's no school tomorrow, so my plan is to take what I learn from yesterday and today, and start fresh on Monday! With any luck, she'll be eating most of her food by next week :)

  3. HAHA My kids are so like that! My son can't have his food touch on his plate! I really like your blog it gives me some ideas on what my kids can take to school, after a while it gets boring!

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