Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snowy Lunch

Waking up to... Snow!

First snowfall of the year (that actually stayed on the ground)!
{Random fact: The radio reported that there were 27 accidents in the Halifax Regional Municipality during this snowfall...22 of them in Lower Sackville!  (Our corner of the HRM) (Luckily no fatalities) Some snow-plow/salt truck driver's in big trouble today! Ha!}

In This Lunch:
Strawberries with snow-themed picks
Cucumber snowflakes
Apple slice snowflake and snowman
Hard icing snowflake
Snowflake sprinkles
Carrot sticks (for snowmen's noses)
Strawberry jam sandwich on homestyle white bread

Snowflakes cut using the corner of a leaf cookie cutter, went amazingly fast!

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