Thursday, March 31, 2011

EGPS Bento

In This Lunch:
Caught Being Good Card
Blueberry bagel bits with butter
Cucumber hearts
Carrot hearts
Strawberry hearts

Lily's school is closing :(

We have another year and a half before the big change,
but it's happening.
Monday night I attended an info session for parents,
and we were asked that if we could say something
to defend our school from being closed,
what would it be.

All I could think of
was how relieved we were to be starting here in September,
because she had been bullied so much
at her preschool, 
with little support from the staff.

I did my homework on this elementary school,
and based on two things,
decided she HAD to get in here,
even though we don't live in the area.

Thing one:
It's the only french immersion school in our area.
Thing two:
Their approach to behavior reinforcement.

Negative behaviors are dealt with immediately,
quietly, and strictly.
Positive behaviors are rewarded immediately,
and celebrated publicly.

Not to say bullying doesn't happen,
and it has, but the difference here is,
it doesn't last long.

Each time a child does something positive worth noting,
e.g. Help pass out class notes,
Help a classmate with their work,
Stand up for themselves or someone else...
they are given a 'Caught Being Good Card.'

One copy is sent home for the parents to see,
another is put in a bucket for the class,
and at the end of the month can be drawn for a prize.
Classes with the most get rewards,
Students with the most also get rewards,
and it's just such a wonderful example 
of positive reinforcement.

Here is one of Lily's from November,
along with one I made for today's lunch.

If I could say one thing to the school board members,
it would be that this school saved my daughter.

Saved her from 7 years of torment 
with no positive end in sight.

And for that, they deserve a
Caught Being Good Card.

We'll miss you EGPS 

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