Monday, March 21, 2011

Easter Egg Surprise/The Knee Appointment

The surprise being that egg shapes are seemingly

In This Lunch:
Cucumber eggs
Red grapes
Chocolate chip granola bar
Cheese whiz sandwich on whole wheat
Cheddar cheese eggs/leaves
Gummy flower on green toothpick

Today's lunch was eaten at the local children's hospital :(

Half asleep, I packed Lily's lunch, drove her to school,
then came home.  
It was then that I realized that she had 
a long-awaited doctors appointment 
with the specialist for her knee...
about 1 hour from that moment, 
and it's a 30 minute drive to get there.

Long story short, we made it just in time, phew!

Doctor ran every non-invasive test she could,
then ordered some more to be done at the hospital.
X-Rays, blood and urine.
Poor munchkin had a hard day :(

We never did make it back to school,
since the tests took up the whole day, 
so after blood work, 
she was finally allowed to eat her lunch.

You see, the going theory is
Juvenile Arthritis :(

And it started back with this unexplained "injury"
of a swollen knee that was hot to the touch:

Until that day, it was just another medical term.
Now, it has her dad and I worried sick.

Being that it's classified as an auto-immune disease
I'm now second guessing every thing I've done as a parent
and scrambling to find answers.

We still have more tests to go 
before we get a diagnosis.

I'll keep you posted!

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