Monday, March 21, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

So, there's this whole community of moms online 
who participate in this thing called 
"Muffin Tin Monday"
And each week, they have themes, 
and the lunches are just downright fantastic!

Since my munchkin is at school most Mondays,
we generally never get to participate :(

However, today was an inservice day!
I had no clue what the theme was, 
and the only baking related display device I had 
was more of a mini loaf tin...
but I was so excited, I just didn't care!!

So here, is our first...
"Muffin Tin Monday!"
Ta da!!!

In This Lunch:
Peanut butter and jam sandwich on homestyle white bread
Chocolate lady bug for dessert
Cucumber slices
Carrot sticks
Ranch dressing
Apple ducklings
Green grapes

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