Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last-Minute Lunch

Eeep!  Slept in :(
I always make her lunches in the morning,
And never spend more than 20-25 minutes on any lunch.
I only had about 10 minutes for this one :/
Luckily, I keep the outlines of previous cutouts of fruit leather in my fridge,
So I came up with an on-the-fly theme of
'Mommy and Daddy love you sooooo much!'

In This Lunch:
Carrot sticks
Cucumber slices
Turkey and cheese whiz sandwich on whole wheat
Fruit leather cut outs

In This Recess:
Vanilla yoghurt

This is the same brand as I always buy, 
but I tried putting it in a container to see if she'd eat it...
and she totally did! Woot!

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