Friday, December 3, 2010

Rockstar Lunch

Lily requested this one today, and I was happy to oblige :)

Something I haven't really focused on in this blog yet 
is how big into music our family is!

Lily's dad, though a school teacher by day, 
plays percussion, and just about any type of guitar you can think of, 
(bass, electric, acoustic, etc), and also has his own recording set-up.

I'm a VP of a small company by day, 
but I'm also a singer who specializes in classical music
and I'm versatile in contemporary, folk, christian, and rock.
I sing A LOT (e.g. 4 gigs and a jam session this week alone),
 and at all sorts of gigs :)
(weddings, church services, corporate events, mall entertainment)

So, growing up around so much music
has made for a very musical Lily :)
(and apparently that includes musical lunches, haha)

In This Lunch:
Rosemary and olive oil triscuits with mozzarella stars
Apple stars
Mozzarella and Cheddar stars and speakers
Fruit leather rockstar
Cucumber skin microphone
Sweet snap pea string microphone cord
Sweet snap pea audience
Strawberry jam sandwich stage on whole wheat bread

In This Recess:
Animal crackers (because when Lily performs, 
she unleashes the animal within, haha)

And as a special treat, here's a video of Lils at 3 years old,
delighting a crowd of about 50 people
as our opening act at an all ages event :)

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