Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hearts Lunch

Still recovering from the mess of yesterday's lunch,
I thought I'd play it safe today :)

In This Lunch:
Apple hearts
Cucumber hearts
Strawberry jam sandwich on enriched whole wheat
Strawberry fruit leather hearts

There was also a little Lindor chocolate ball in a red wrapper tucked in beside the red heart cups,
But I forgot to get a picture of that :/
The sweet treat was a gift from a family member when we went out to dinner last night,
and I said she could have it in her lunch :)

In This Recess:
Raspberry cereal bar

Recent News:
We bought Lily a watch last night!
She picked it out, and we have the time set,
but now we just need to ask the teacher when lunch is over, 
aaand figure out how to set the alarm...
then we're all set to start the next adjustment to her lunching habits :)

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