Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 1st Lunch!

This lunch was for yesterday, which was December 1st!
In my books, that's the day Christmas decorations are allowed to go up, 
Christmas music can now be played,
and the rush for shopping is now imminent :)

I've been squirreling away some Christmas lunching supplies, 
and was sooo giddy to break them out for this lunch!

In This Lunch:
Red grapes
Green sweet snap peas
Cheese whiz and turkey sandwich on enriched whole wheat
Strawberry fruit leather gingerbread men
Orange fruit leather candy canes*

*FYI... These turned to goo :(

In This Recess:
Chocolate chip granola bar

Sadly the successes we had with the previous day's lunch were not repeated here.
What came home:
A quarter of the sandwich, Most of the grapes, All of the snap peas
 and the two candy canes.
For snack, she ate a couple of grapes, then stated in no uncertain terms
that she'd rather be hungry than eat what was left :(
Can't say I blame her on the gooey candy canes stuck to the sandwich though.

The fruit leather were two different brands
The red one is 'Fruit-to-go,' and I find this usually gets eaten,
but we've been trying 
'Florida's natural wholesome treats sticks'
and it's just not working out :(

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