Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Day of Grade 1

It's the most,
wonderful time....
of the year....!!!!!

Back to School!!!


In This Lunch:
Green grapes
Green apple cut into apple shapes
Cheese whiz and ham sandwich on white
Cheesy heart crackers
Cheese slice letters
Marble cheese Lily

Since we made some changes over the Summer...
I now have another lunch to make!

Introducing... Craig's Lunch!

Since he's a grown man who could
make his own lunch, but chooses not to,
and I won't see him starve or waste money on take out,
he's getting kid lunches too, 
unless he makes his own :)

In Craig's Lunch:
Red and green seedless grapes
Cooked chicken with jalapeno havarti hippos
Salad with lettuce, green and red peppers,
mushrooms, and bits of jalapeno havarti.
(He also had Caesar dressing on the side)

All ready to go...


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