Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The "Klip It"

We found a new lunch container!!

It's called the "Klip It" from Sistema,
and I found this one at Backyard & Veranda for $7.99
(And then of course found it at Stokes a week later for $6.99)

I LOVE This!!!

It compartmentalizes everything completely,
(not partially, like some others)

I'm finding that I can fit just enough food in there for Lily
if I add fluffing like cupcake cups and napkins,
but it'll pack in enough food for myself or even Craig,
(He'd love the pink, lol)

Important to note though, it's not liquid tight!

Wet foods are mostly ok,
liquids are not.

In Lily's Lunch:
Cheese whiz and sliced turkey breast on whole wheat
Jalapeno havarti flower
Teddy grahams
Chocolate chip granola bar
Apple slices
Green grapes

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