Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall 2011 Update

Hey Folks!

First off...
I can't thank you enough for following Lily's Lunch
And want you to know we REALLY appreciate it!

So, we had a wonderfully busy summer,
filled with new and exciting changes :)

We bought a house, and are now fully moved in!

Craig and I... GOT ENGAGED!!!!!

...And Lily's Arthritis is now fully diagnosed,
and she's now on a whoooole lot of Advil :/

She's improving though, 
and with the help of keeping active, 
she's still pretty much a normal kid :)

Thanks again for following Lily's Lunch!

Here's a few shots from our summer:

Last day of school, with her teacher
(Photo by Janette Marshall)
Day at the beach in Hubbards, NS with Maddy and family
(Photo by Karla Shaw-Rogers)
Dancing with the bride
(Photo taken by me at friend
Desiree's wedding)
Riding with Daddy at our new house
Posing at our cottage


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