Saturday, October 30, 2010

Snack Lunch #2

Introducing... the Ziplock easy lunch! These are great, and I love the one and only one I have, but they no longer make them :( Mine is old and about to break any day now. I've found ones just like it, ( but they're out of stock :( 
Boo urns

Still out of bread = Yet another improvised mish mosh

What's for lunch:
Moon cheese scraps (waste not!)
Chocolate chip granola bars
Fruit leather flower and moon outline
Raspberry cereal bars
Mixed fruit snacks
Red seedless grapes
Carrot sticks
Vanilla yoghurt with rainbow sprinkles, which Lily did not eat, because as I later found out, the sprinkles freaked her out :(

Side note, this is TOO MUCH FOOD for a 5 year old girl!! Half of it came home :(

It's been such a delicate balance learning how much she will and won't eat when I'm not there to make her :/

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