Monday, January 31, 2011

Lily's Pneumonia :(

So, Lily's been very sick :(

I apologize for not keeping up with the blog as I had said that I would.
I never anticipated that she would ever miss as much school as she has :(

She has been to the walk-in clinic once
The ER twice
Seen 3 doctors for follow-ups
Was on an antibiotic for 10 days,
and a strict regimen of alternating advil and tylenol 
every 3 hrs for a number of days.

Poor munchkin had some crazy high fevers,
even accompanied by twitching,
shallow breathing, loss of appetite,
and she averaged 18 coughs a minute for about 2 1/2 days.

Poor little munchkin is on the mend, but is still not quite herself.
Her cough and a low-grade fever have returned as of late,
and it's something we're watching.

She has follow-up chest x-rays on Wednesday,
and I'll keep you all posted on her recovery.

Thanks for reading Lily's Lunch

And please, stay healthy!

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