Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year... New Lunch Goals

Aaaand we're back!  
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, filled with love and joy :)
I know we certainly did!

With a new year ahead of us, 
I can't help but think of all the crazy-awesome things I want to accomplish this year!

We've got some exciting changes ahead of us,
like the purchase of our first home!!

I've made some Lunch Goals for this year, too:
1. Learn how to pack a proper bento
2. Learn to make rice balls
3. Learn to make colored egg sheets
4. Start packing bentos for my own lunch
5. Learn to make flower blooms out of veggies
6. Start an herb garden
7. Expand Lily's main lunch courses by 5 more dishes
8. Learn to make figures/shapes with cooked hotdogs
9. Start a recipes section on the blog
10. Organize my lunching supplies better
11. Find and buy the perfect bento box
12. Expand my muffin cup collection
13. Expand my cupcake pick collection
14. Get Lily to eat white cheese
15. Have fun!!

We look forward to sharing our year and Lily's lunches with you!

Best wishes to you for 2011!!!

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