Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rainbow Lunch

On this morning, Lily and I were discussing how many colors she could identify in french, which inspired me to find as many colors to add as I could. Here's what followed:

Yellow - Banana
Green - Cucumber slices, Snow pea
Purple - Grapes
Blue - Blueberries
Red - Strawberries
Brown - Raisins
Pink - Dora snacks, Ham (in sandwich)
Orange - Carrots, Cheese slices (in sandwich)
White - Bread
Black - Gum drop

As I dropped her off for school, 
I asked her to count how many colors she found in her lunch. 
I picked her up all excited to see how many she'd counted, 
and she said she thought I said to count how many she saw at lunch time, so she counted colors around the room. 
Go figure :/ 
At least she's counting :)

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