Saturday, November 12, 2011

Leaks and Fires... Oh My!

In Craig's Lunch:
Gluten-Free Chicken noodle soup from scratch!

Egg noodles
Snow peas
Summer savory
Fresh basil
Tbsp MSG-Free GF Chicken soup powder

In Lily's Lunch:
Green grapes
Carrot sticks
Marble cheddar umbrellas
Soy nut butter sandwich on whole wheat
Fruit to go Lily and flames
Chocolate chip granola bar

So the day before this lunch was a crazy day!!

We had started the morning off with our first leak,
(See previous post),
and then had some house guests for the morning 
who had come from Pictou, and I was so glad to see them :)
They left, and it all went downhill after that :(

I apparently left my brain somewhere,
and went to pick Lily and my 3pm Wed voice student
up from school while leaving the dryer on downstairs.

I was gone about 20 minutes, and when we got home,
we immediately smelled smoke!
We went around to the back door, and saw smoke billowing 
out of the dryer vent!!

I ran inside, 
(Which I'm positive is the exact opposite thing I should have done),
telling the kids to stay out,
and turned off the dryer.
There was no smoke in the house,
but the inside of the dryer was smokey,
leaving the clothes with the smell.

Long story short,
We had a clog! 
Our vent is easily about 20 ft long,
and goes up inside the walls of the house to reach the outside.
I don't know what the culprit was, but it's in my vaccume bag now!

Yeesh, it was a close call!
What if I'd gone out for the day?
Would I still have had a home to come home to??

I knew better than to leave with it on, 
but as I said, 
I left my brain somewhere :/
Never again, (hopefully!)!!

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