Saturday, November 12, 2011

And then one day... she stopped :/

Lily does not like bentos, creative lunches, cookie cutter designs,
or anything fun in her lunches.

It happened somewhere near the end of last school year.

She wanted "normal" lunches!

Assuming perhaps that someone had said something at school,
I persisted in making them,
just to show Lily that 
no one should make you stop doing things you like.

September came, and I was psyched for another year of lunches!

I had some new bento supplies, 
and was going to go to town on those lunches, 
and was taking Craig's lunches with me!

Well, one can only stay excited for so long,
when each morning their efforts are met with 
disgust, whining, and discouragement :(

Lily: "Maaawm!  Why can't I just have a nooormal lunch??"
"It's easy, you just put things in the bag, and I eat them!"

Me: "I love to make you smile with fun lunches!"
"It's another way to show you I love you!"
"and they are just as easy!"
"I put things in the bento, and you eat them!"

But it persisted,
and lunches I'd spent time lovingly making for both Craig and Lily
would end up largely untouched.
and after weeks of this each day,
one day...
I just stopped being creative.

I had lost the desire.


Some mornings, I'd try to sneak in a little something,
like the pumpkins in this lunch,

But they came home untouched.

A silent protest of creativity :(

I just don't know what to do :(

Part of me says it's the arthritis; it's known to decrease appetites.
Even with the lunches shown in this post,
she only eats about half the sandwich
1 snack, and drinks her juice.

Some days she's hungry, and eats it all,
but it's rare.
On the off chance she's having a hungry day though,
I always put in a little extra.

Lunch for school covers recess, lunch and after school snack.
Considering it's supposed to feed her for 6-7 hrs,
she really hardly eats :(

So, as per Lily's lunch... well...

I might just have to find other creative outlets!

I'll blog as we go...

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