Monday, February 14, 2011

Wee Sick Munchkin/Spring Break

There are only two posts from last week 
as Lily was out sick from Wednesday on :(

Luckily it hasn't been even half as serious 
as the pneumonia she had last time.

This time, it's just a nasty flu bug!

She had a fever for a full 7 days with this one, 
and has hardly eaten all week.
The two lunches posted from last week came home 
largely untouched :(

Combine this with Lily's pneumonia, 
(which she's still coughing from), 
and it has made for a VERY skinny Lily!

Poor kid can hardly keep her pants on her butt 
on a normal day!

Luckily, she woke up today without a fever, 
and is gaining her appetite back.

September, (Pre Flu Season)

Post Dec Flu and Jan Pneumonia, Pre Feb Flu

Post Pneumonia and Flu 1-2 Punch :(

In other news...

We are on spring break!

Here where we live, the Canada Games are being held,
and they last for two weeks!
So instead of taking a week in March,
we get two weeks in February :)

We'll be posting over the holidays,
so keep checking back!

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