Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Day With Sue

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We've had a great break and Lily's had so much fun!

She's gotten to go skating at the oval, to go see a T-Rex, 
to take a workshop-style hip hop class,
and many other fun things!

But above all else, she's stayed healthy,
which is such a blessing :)

She spent the break mostly over at her dad's house,
and just got home today.
She had a blast,
but I missed her like crazy,
and I'm soooo happy to have her home again!

On Wednesday, 
Lily's dad, his girlfriend Erin and I
took Lily and Tatiana, (Erin's cousin's daughter)
to the Museum of Natural History
to see Sue the T-Rex!

The girls had a ton of fun,
and with ladies as silly as these two around,
it's hard not to have a good time :)

Their departing impromptu holler to Sue:
Haha, they crack me up :)

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