Friday, June 3, 2011


Hello folks!

My sincerest apologies for being absent for the last month :(

It's been pretty crazy over here!

Where to start...?

So, it's been confirmed that 
Lily has juvenile arthritis :(
She's only at the onset, 
but she's had 4 bouts of symptoms
in the last 7 months, 
with the most recent being this week.
We are being referred to a new specialist
who specializes in joints, 
and will let you know how things go.

On a happier note,
we've been crazy busy house hunting, and...
We found a house!!
They've accepted our offer,
we've paid the deposit,
and the home inspection is Sunday morning :)
Keeping our fingers crossed,
and praying to St. Joseph
that everything goes well!

I've also been pretty busy since 
wedding season is now in full swing,
and I've got 3 weddings this month
I'm scheduled to sing at! 
All told, 
I'm averaging 3 scheduled rehearsals a week for various gigs,
and about 2-3 miscellaneous gigs each week!
And keep in mind I also have a day job!
Can you say busy??
I love doing it though, so really I can't complain :)

And here we are, and it's June already!
School's out soon, and I'm not sure I'm ready :(
I'm going to miss all the lovely social aspects of school,
For Lily and for myself.
I'll miss my morning chats with the mommies,
and Lily's going to be soooo bored without school!!
We'll definitely be scheduling 
as many playdates as we can this summer!!

So, what happens to the blog in the summer?
Well, I'm not sure :/
I do plan to post pictures,
however it won't be every week.
Come September though, 
we'll be back in full swing!

Thanks for reading Lily's Lunch!!


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