Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cake Pops!

Taking a quick shot before they ALL disappear!  Soo Yummy!

Last week, I was wandering through a book store with 
Lily's dad, waiting for Lils to finish ballet class,
when it appeared I'd lost my mind!

I began squealing and jumping, and pointing,
for you see,
I had come across a slew of copies of Bakerella's Cake Pop Books!
And needless to say, 
after flipping through the book with the papa,
and gushing about how wonderful it is,
I hugged that book all the way to the cash register :)

What's left of our decorations :)

It was about a week before I had a day off to try them,
but this was finally the day!!

We even invited a friend from school,
(the Amazing miss A.) to come help decorate :)

With Lily's birthday coming up soon,
I'm so excited to try these out as a feature to the cake!

I just have a few quirks to work out first,
(Like how do you shape them without pressing them too hard??)
But hopefully they'll be a party success!

One of Lily's Cake Pop People


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