Monday, May 2, 2011

Nanner Recess/Knee Update

This lunch was from April 27th,
the day Lils was scheduled for her follow-up 
with the pediatric diagnostic specialist.

Since Lily only went to school for the morning,
I only sent her a recess,
hence the lone nanner :)

So at the appointment, 
the doc looked at the detailed journal 
I'd been asked to keep,
chronicling everything Lily ate, where she went, 
who she had contact with, every activity she did
and any symptoms she'd displayed
for the previous 6 weeks.

She also revealed the results of the medical tests
that Lily had to do at our local children's hospital.
Everything came back normal except the x-ray.
Even though she wasn't having an episode at the time, 
It showed excess fluid on her knees :(

Not great news :(
The doctor thinks that it's very likely that 
Lily has juvenile arthritis, 
however, the diagnoses still isn't 100%.
If she does actually have it,
then the onset seems quite mild,
so she'll likely only need a daily
prescription anti-inflammatory
to keep it in check.

We just have to watch her very closely,
since the complications with this disease are
organ failure (kidney, heart), blindness,
and disfigurement if not caught quickly.

Kinda crazy worrisome,
but we're trying to be as positive as we can,
and just focus on the now.
She's healthy now, and there's no guarantee
that she'll ever have complications.

Of course she has no idea about the complications,
but she's aware of the other parts of the disease,
and I try to keep her as informed as I can 
at her level as we go along.

I'll keep you folks posted as we find out more information!

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